Juliet G-Renton, WA

As a college student and full-time worker, I took Enada NADH to stay focused and alert while attending school at night.  It worked great for exams and studying.  I did not feel jittery or “amped up”, just clear and mentally sharp.  I was able to retain information and express myself more clearly.  Thank you Enada….I got an A!!

Matt F-New York, NY

Enada NADH is one of the first supplements I have taken that seems effective for jet lag.  As a pilot, this is very important to me.  Frequently crossing time zones can be very traumatic to the body and mind.  NADH allows me to stay alert and focused while maintaining safety for my passengers.

Pearce L-Atlanta, GA

NADH brought me out of my fatigue state. I was always tired.  After a day or two I could tell the difference in my energy level. I have tried many things but this product really works.

Susan L-Dallas, TX

I work in an accounting office and at age 66, it is sometimes difficult to keep my focus. Enada NADH really helps me get through my days and not feel so run down.  I don’t feel jittery or jumpy, just sharp, alert and aware of what’s going on.

Bryan C-Hoboken, NJ

Great product ENADA ! Makes my thoughts crisper and more creative!  I feel so energized and refreshed after I take it and my sleep is more restful.  My performance at work has been amazing, much more dialed in and I still have motivation to take a brisk walk after work.

Robert W-San Diego, CA

My mother had problems with a lack of energy  and every time she went to the doctor, they said she was fine, all tests came back normal. But she was getting dizzy spells and having trouble remembering things. In the afternoons, she would be so tired she could barely keep her eyes open. I bought the ENADA Co-E1 tablets for her and now she’s energetic like a teenager again! She feels a hundred times better than before!

Erin P-Katy, TX

I am using ENADA  for my sadness and it has been a Godsend.  I have suffered from mood swings for 35 years and was on several medications. I desperately wanted to get off these meds and try something else.  ENADA  saved me and I highly recommend this product for anyone who is feeling despondent.

Xiao Z-Los Angeles, CA

I am very impressed with the results of ENADA. No hype involved with this product. ENADA delivers a new found source of clean energy and focus I didn’t know existed. ENADA is the first thing I do after I brush my teeth in the morning!  Great company. Thanks!

Bridget L-Charleston, NC

I battle with constant low energy. I dissolve one of the ENADA lozenges under my tongue in the morning and the afternoon and feel an almost instant pick up. But I don’t have a crash like I do with coffee – I just experience slow sustained energy and alertness – I’m delighted with this product.

Lily C-Scottsdale, AZ

I have a serious problem and I have been taking ENADA NADH for a few years now. I can honestly say it does increase my energy! How do I know? Because for a month or so I totally ‘spaced it’ and forgot to leave it out on the counter with my other supplements. After 30 days of feeling soooo tired again I was thinking “what is up” and realized I had been forgetting to take my ENADA ! I started back on them again, and finally, I have more energy to get things done; helpful for sure!!

Alan H-Windom, MN

I take ENADA every time I need a boost of energy, instead of drinking a cup of coffee.  I don’t feel the after affects like I do with too much caffeine.  ENADA is a great product!

Kajsa H-Leavenworth, WA

I have chronic inflammation with a lack of energy as one of the side effects and ENADA works well for me. I can tell the difference in increased energy level right away. I take 2 of the 5mg ENADA tablets first thing in the morning when I wake up (usually 6am) and the energy lasts for about 12 hours, with no shakiness, no increased heart rate and no crashing.

Courtney F-Pensacola, FL

I have debilitating problems. Finding the energy to get out of bed or fix a meal can be a real challenge more days than not! I haven’t put my finger on exactly how ENADA helps, I just know it does! The best thing is I don’t have any side effects from ENADA and it doesn’t interfere with any of my medications.  ENADA is  truly been a blessing for me.

Roger H-Nashville, TN

I’ve done the round-about with doctors, can’t get a chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis, even though I have all the symptoms.  If I didn’t have CoE1 to use (4 x 20mg per day), I would not be able to work a full time job and function as a normal human being.

Hillard M-Salem, OR

Great product. It is fast acting on my teenager that has a hard time getting up in the morning. She is more alert and ready for school  when she takes it in the morning.