Xiao Z-Los Angeles, CA

I am very impressed with the results. No hype involved with this product. It delivers a new found source of clean energy and focus I didn’t know existed. It’s the first thing I do after I brush my teeth in the morning!  Great company. Thanks!

Bridget L-Charleston, NC

I battle with constant low energy. I dissolve one of these under my tongue in the morning and the afternoon and feel an almost instant pick up. But I don’t have a crash like I do with coffee – I just experience slow sustained energy and alertness – I’m delighted with this product.

Lily C-Scottsdale, AZ

I have chronic late-stage Lyme (also called CFS by many doctors) and I have been taking NADH for a few years now. I can honestly say it does increase my energy! How do I know? Because for a month or so I totally ‘spaced it’ and forgot to leave it out on the counter with my other supplements. After 30 days of feeling soooo tired again I was thinking “what is up” and realized I had been forgetting to take it! Started back on them again, and finally, I have more energy to get things done; helpful for sure!!

Alan H-Windom, MN

I take this every time I need a boost of energy, instead of drinking a cup of coffee.  I don’t feel the after affects like I do with too much caffeine.  It’s a great product!

Kajsa H-Leavenworth, WA

I have chronic inflammation with fatigue as one of the side effects and this product works well for me. I can tell the difference in increased energy level right away. I take 2 of the 5mg tablets first thing in the morning when I wake up (usually 6am) and the energy lasts for about 12 hours, with no shakiness, no increased heart rate and no crashing.

Courtney F-Pensacola, FL

I have fibromyalgia and spondylosis. Finding the energy to get out of bed or fix a meal can be a real challenge more days than not! I haven’t put my finger on exactly how this helps, I just know it does! The best thing is I don’t have any side effects from it and it doesn’t interfere with any of my medications.  It’s truly been a blessing for me.

Roger H-Nashville, TN

I’ve done the round-about with doctors, can’t get a chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis, even though I have all the symptoms.  If I didn’t have CoE1 to use (4 x 20mg per day), I would not be able to work a full time job and function as a normal human being.

Hillard M-Salem, OR

Great product. It is fast acting on my teenager that has a hard time getting up in the morning. She is more alert and ready for school  when she takes it in the morning.

David F-Switzerland

My doctor has had me on NADH for about 18 months and I take 80mg per day, Mojo!  It really helps with multiple sclerosis and the energy difference is there!

Hong X-Houston, TX


I gave to my mom to improve her memory; she can ask you the same thing so many times and not remember.  She will be 75 this December.  She has taken it for 2 weeks and it seems like she is getting better, at least she can remember she needs to take this medicine first thing in the morning.

Tamara Z-Xenia, OH

I have been taking NADH for 3 years now.  It helps me a lot as I am recovering from Lyme disease.  It’s important to renew the cells and cell walls as Lyme bacteria will hide there.  Plus it gives me energy I would otherwise not have.

Paula C-Oceanside, CA

I have used NADH Co-E1 for years to help with chronic fatigue syndrome. Now that I’m treating Lyme-related infections, it’s more invaluable to me than ever. It quickly clears the mental cob-webs as well as boosts energy … without the jitters or crash that caffeine can generate. When I’m at my worst, I take 20-40 mg; take 10-20 for less critical times.

Dawn B-Colorado Springs, CO

This is one of the best NADH supplements I have found.  The sublingual form is so much better absorbed into the body.  Also one of the best values I have found for NADH.

Maggie B-Fairbanks, AK

My husband has Parkinson’s and he has been taking NADH for about 6 weeks now.  He definitely has more energy, his walking is better and he is sleeping better.  He was able to shower without my help for the first time.  I will absolutely reorder.

Brenda M-New Zealand

My husband has Parkinsons and has had so much more energy since taking this product. The price is awesome compared to what we would pay in New Zealand and it was delivered to us surprisingly quickly. Thank you so much :)