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Frank C.-Peckville, PA

Since beginning to use Enada Co-E1, I’ve barely missed time from work, while before beginning use I was missing on average 2-3 days per month due to the severity of my migraines.  I currently use the 5mg Vitality Plus on a daily basis, and supplement with the MoJo if I’m experiencing a difficult period with migraines.

Michael H-Murrietta, CA

I used Enada Mojo last year during the senior games, participating in 3 cycling events.  It gave me excellent cardiovascular endurance.

Betty L.-San Antonio, TX

When I find myself with brain fog in the middle of the morning, I realize that I have NOT taken my Enada NADH. I have come to rely on this product and even put it in my makeup drawer to be sure that I have not skipped it as I prepare for the morning. I would definitely place it in my …

Sharon S.-San Diego, CA

My husband and I both take Enada Co-E1 (NADH) daily. My husband has a bad knee which he says has improved enormously since taking this Enada.  We are both feeling marvelous and would recommend this to anyone who is “feeling” their age.

Steve U.- Bronx, NY

After getting out of the Marines I began having extreme fatigue and sleep apnea nearly every day.  After going to a  my family doctor and a sleep specialist, I was very disappointed in the treatment I received.  After a couple of years of research and trying many different supplements, I finally found Enada  NADH.  The results are amazing, considering that I was falling a sleep at …

Lindsay G.-Arlington, VA

I battle with constant low energy. I dissolve one Enada Co-E1 tablet under my tongue morning and afternoon and feel an almost instant pick up. But I don’t have a crash like I do with coffee – I just experience slow sustained energy and alertness – I’m delighted with this product.

Glenn O.- Biloxi, MS

Today I feel so well that I’m going to ride my mountain bike for the first time since last year.  I can’t tell you what a difference Enada Co-E1 has made in my life.  Thanks again.  

Bobby S.-Dallas, TX

I noticed that I was able to sleep, deeply, and get actual rest. When I woke up, I  felt I had more energy than when I went to sleep. This is an improvement for me as I often felt as exhausted upon waking up in the morning as I did when I went to sleep at night.

Ardis N-Las Vegas, NV

I feel so clear-minded.  It’s like I have come out of a dark tunnel into a clear, sunny day.

Roman M. – New York , NY

Everyone marvels at my energy.  My friend calls me the energizer bunny!  I mean I do get tired – but after a long while and after doing lots!  Yes, I would say I sleep better.  Never really thought about it but the answer is yes.  However, I always feel I should get more sleep!  As to more focused, this part …

Walter – Jefferson City, MO

Kelly my Enada energy tablets are amazing. I am less fatigue and I’m sleeping a little better and I have a lot of energy – thank you .

Szara L – St Paul Minnesota

I’m using ENADA under the direction of a doctor because I have lots of trouble with fatigue.  The ENADA has really helped to lessen the muscle spasms and cramps that I have on a daily basis. It has helped me be able to get back into a light exercise routine (yoga).

Sage R. – USA

ENADA provides me with a high level of sustainable energy that lasts from the time I take the supplement in the morning continuously until I fall asleep at night. And I am able to sustain this level of peak performance throughout the day without having to drink even one cup of coffee!

Marihn T. – NY, NY

My total feeling of well-being improves greatly with NADH. I feel well, younger, energetic, better outlook.

Harriet H. – NY, NY

Of all my supplements, I notice a difference if I miss a day of ENADA.